My name is Malin, (probably the most common name in Sweden in the 70’s) Ngoie (I know impossible to pronounce). I grew up in a tiny village in Sweden in a 70’s brick house. I remember the big brown and orange rainbow wallpapers, the brown carpets, the pink suit in the bathroom and my mother’s hairdressing saloon in the basement of our house. It is all still there (well at least the saloon and the pink bathroom suit) and it’s now very hip and retro!

My dad gave me my first camera when I was about 6 years old. It had a big red release button. I loved taking photos. My favourite subject was my horse called The Pearl (as her tummy was round as one). I have about 22 million pictures of this horse in all angels and directions.One day, I was 18 by then, my mum asked if I would be able to manage on my own as they wanted to sail the Caribbean seas for a few years. I was in heaven, finally free! I bought a single ticket to London and basically never came back.Whilst working as a nanny and in various coffee shops I completed an HND in Fashion Photography at the London College of Fashion and later a photography degree in Reading.

 I am a creative soul and photography is my way to express myself. It’s a box (the camera) the light, and the moment. Throw in some hocus-pocus and there is my picture.
I love props and finding new exiting places to shoot, to set the scene, the mood and create something completely different each time. Much of my recent work has been with children. I love working with kids because you never know what to expect.

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